Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday is the flakiest of all the things

::crumples to knees in despair:: NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!


By a lot.


Dang it.

Bring on the punishments, ladies... Verily I deserve it.


Dang it.


Cassie: I LOVED sky dancers. Those things were awesome.

Christina: I do have a Twitter, though I never use it. carlyncampbell--I know, terribly original. But good idea! I'd be willing to get tweets from you ladies.

Cassie: What a voyage! If you got at all close to Missoula's M, there's a fair chance you saw my aunt and/or uncle. They live in Missoula and hike the M several times a month. Also, PRINCESS BRIDE. Yes.

Alexandra: Props for such creativity! An author who can stick to her characters is a worthy author indeed. I, for one, would love to read your opus.

And now for my week!

I have a halfway decent reason, if not an excuse, for not having posted on time this week. I turned 22 on Tuesday (otherwise a rather nondescript day)! But that's not my reason. I have, of late, been spending unprecedented amounts of time with someone increasingly important with me. In fact, I am writing this on her computer, whose battery is about to die, and so this is going to be a very short post. The person in question is my of-almost-two-months girlfriend. She is the most remarkable human being, and, near as I can tell, she is absolutely perfect for me.

I'm sure I will be updating you all in more detail in the weeks to come, but feel free to cheer in celebration with me! I am one happy, if distracted, Wednesday.


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  1. My proposal for your punishment, dear Wednesday, is as follows:

    In addition to six weeks of topic choosing, you must either:
    -write a 850 word continuation of your Twilight fanfiction
    -write a new 850 word fanfic that doesn't skirt around the rules (must take place in the time frame of the book, feature Edward and Bella prominently, and cannot be a parody)

    It was only going to be 500 words, but then you missed two weeks in a row . . .