Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday has a (quasi) excuse, but is still sorry

*sulks into frame* Yeah.... hey guys... sorry I'm late and stuff. I was going to be posting late on Saturday anyway, but I wasn't going to be this late. To clarify, I'm in Connecticut right now at my family cottage with some friends. We drove from Michigan to here in one go on Saturday (12.5 hours). As I do, I left my packing until the last minute on Friday, so I chose to forego blogging in favor of getting to bed before midnight (I got to bed at 1:30). We spent Saturday driving and I was planning on blogging when we got to Connecticut, but tiredness got the best of me. And then (!) on Sunday, the internet here was not working so, well, there you go. Well, I'm here now! (Also, I think it would be helpful if you guys know my twitter (cestchristina), I can update it via text so if I ever don't have internet again, I can let you know. Do any of you have twitters?

So, onto the topic... I had trouble thinking of what to write about for this last week. I haven't lost much in my life so far. My grandma, my cat, some classmates that I didn't know well or even really talk to... I decided finally to talk about college, more specifically the campus. I went to the University of Michigan (and okay, I still technically live right by campus, but only for a couple more weeks and then I'll be gone from Ann Arbor). I love Ann Arbor and will miss it so much. I love walking around campus (which, unlike many campuses, is integrated into the city, there's no separate U of M campus), walking through the downtown streets, going to the Arboretum. One of my favorite ways to spend the evening is walking to the library, stopping at my bank, and just stopping in to any shops I pass that I feel like going in that day. My favorite used book shop, Dawn Treader, is right around the corner from my apartment and I love just going in there and browsing the shelves and shelves of obscure books (and I always stop in the kids' section to see what copies of Harry Potter they have at the moment). The original Borders is also right by my apartment and I am so sad to be seeing it go. In Ann Arbor, Borders feels more like a local book store than a huge national chain. It was started by two U of M grads and has been right there in downtown Ann Arbor since it first began. It's sad to see the going out of business signs in the windows now. In mid-August, I'll also be losing, along with Ann Arbor, some of the friends that I've made here. One is moving out to New York City, another will be going to grad school at Berkley, my roommate to med school at WashU in St. Louis... Some I probably won't see again. I know I'll see my roommate again, but don't know when. I always knew this time would come and I'm really to move on from college (and move to France!), but going through it is still sad.

My friends and I are now heading out to lunch in a nearby town, so I will be seeing you all on Friday (on time!). I await my punishment...

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