Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday is Materialistic

So far, every one of you have made me cry, so I'm going to write about something completely stupid and try to be funny.

I miss Fairy Winkles. And Sky Dancers. I don't know about you, but I used to love these toys dearly. I was as dedicated to my Fairy Winkles as most girls were to their Barbies (and they were a lot less perfect, and some of them were downright ugly). I loved going through my collection and sorting out the different fairy winkles based on size and characteristics, and I absolutely hated it if the different characters were placed with different sets. I am almost certain that I used to have every single Fairy Winkle set in existence, and I would sell half of my soul if I could find all of them, in perfect condition. I'd sell the other half for my Sky Dancers. They were like helicopter toys, except they were pretty fairies too, like if Barbie could fly, or be weaponized against your sisters (and believe me, Barbies can hurt if you sling them by the hair like David fighting Goliath). The biggest acheivement for me or my sisters was being able to set a Sky Dancer to flight, and then catch it in its launcher. The launchers! They were just as cool as the actual fairies, and would sometimes sparkle.

Why can't they make as cool of toys now as they used to? Seriously?

Also, please tell me that I'm not just imagining that toys these cool used to exist.

And I do believe this is my last week of choosing topics (until a week or two from now anyways), but someone please tell me if I'm wrong.


  1. I can't say I recall having a Fairy Winkle (what a terrible name, by the way), but I loved Sky Dancers. I made my mum go to a McDonald's to buy a few when they had minis to go in Happy Meals (we were upper-middle class, and didn't really do fast food otherwise, so we just went to McDonald's and paid them to give us the toys :p). I loved them, and when I grew a little older (11-14), I ended up loving Beyblades, too, which had the same mechanic, except used for spinning tops.

  2. I loved Sky Dancers. We used to try to catch them in the launchers as well!

  3. I loved Sky Dancers! And I also weaponized them against my siblings . . . glad to know I wasn't the only one. :)

    And yes, you are done with topic choosing for a stretch of time. JAB week, then Challenge Week, then Alexandra has three, then another JAB week, then back to you. Thanks for such great topics!