Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday is going to see Harry Potter!!!

I want to hurry up and type my post so I can sleep before going to the midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two (HPDH2) so my post will be a little bit short today. And because Harry Potter is so close I can smell him (a lot like treacle tart if you're curious) I am going to post my top five favorite moments from the series. These are from the book only, because none of the movies created a moment which could top anything J.K. Rowling came up with (except maybe the end of CoS, when the whole Great Hall is applauding Hagrid's return from Azkaban, even if it was stupid and heartwarming). Also, no particular order.

1. The Seven Potters (because you can't pluralize Harry) from DH
I enjoyed this chapter so much because, c'mon, it's got seven people trying to be Harry. The Weasley twins are cracking jokes, Hermione's making fun of his eyesight, and Fluer just goes for the throat and calls him "hideous". This is one of those scenes that was actually very enjoyable on screen because I got to see Dan in a bra, and without a shirt on. Also, it was very nice to have a little bit of comedy before Jo goes on a murder rampage as soon as Harry leaves Privet Drive.

Best Line: Fred and George - "Hey! We're identical!"

2. Malfoy the Bouncing Ferret from GoF
Do I really need to explain these? Malfoy has a case of bigarseholeitis and it was perhaps the shining moment of the fourth book (and for sure the fourth movie) when he finally gets his comeuppance. Crazed psycho killer torturer or not, Barty Crouch Jr. gets some serious kudos for pulling this stunt.

Best Line: Professor McGonnagal - "Is that a student?!?"

3. Wizard Chess from PS/SS
I love Ron, for all his tactlessness. Honestly, Harry and Hermione tend to get on my nerves every so often, so even Ron constantly complaining in DH was able to evade my irritation. However, for some reason, everyone seems to dump on Ron, including Jo. In the first book, she displays Ron's prowess at strategy when he defeats a life size wizard chess set enchanted by McGonnagal, who by no means is incapable of logical strategic thinking (see DH for more details), but no mention or hint is given in the rest of the books to Ron's potential leadership skills. This is one of my favorite moments because only one other scene in the books displays Ron's skills or virtues to my satisfaction.

Best Line: There really isn't one I can think of right now.

4. Ron Destroys Horcrux, Saves Harry from DH
This of course is the other scene in which Ron is shown as the hero everyone secretly knows he is. Having just gone through some pretty rough times after leaving the group (though admittedly not as rough as Harry and Hermione), he heads back to them using the Illuminator and finds Harry in a bit of a pickle because Harry is sorta busy drowning in a freezing cold pond. Without pause, Ron jumps in fully clothed to drag Harry's ass and the sword of Gryffindor to safety. Then later, after hugs and happiness, Ron is able to destroy the locket even though it too is rubbing in his face how not good he is. Arsehole locket.

Best Line: Again, can't think of any specific line.

5. Neville PWNS Voldemort from DH
I really could have picked any scene of Neville being awesome in any books (though really, that only happens in the last two), but this scene is epic win. Faced with certain death, Neville refuses to give in to Voldemort, and after Voldemort attacks him with a Flaming Sorting Hat, Neville just shrugs it off, pulls out the sword of Gryffindor, and decapitates Lord Voldemort's most very favorite piece of his soul. Just another day in the life of Neville Longbottom, badass.

Best Line: Please, anything Neville says in DH is gold.

You may notice that many of my favorite scenes are from DH, but this is only because I remember it better, and it really does include some of the best scenes for many characters.

Honorable Mention: GOT YOUR CONK!!!

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