Friday, July 29, 2011

Greetings from Connecticut

Look, I'm on time and everything! Well then, onto the post.

To answer Alexandra's question, I've never been to any cons, but not for lack of desire. It kills me that I wasn't at LeakyCon a couple weeks ago! Reading everyone's tweets and watching videos from people who were there was exciting, but also just torturous. It looked so amazing and I wish I could have gone! I'd also love to make it to Comic Con someday, but that will have to wait until I'm able to get out to California.

The past week was spent at my family cottage in Connecticut with my friends. Our cottage is on a camp ground with many other cottages and generations upon generations of families have been coming here for camp meeting in August for over 125 years now. To give some idea of how much of a tradition it is, I am the fifth or sixth generation of my family to be coming here. There are many other families at camp who have been coming just as long, so each generation of the same families have grown up and played together each summer. My friends had heard many stories about camp over the years, but had never seen it. But that's finally changed now! We all drove over together last Saturday and spent the last week here (with a one-day trip to New York to see Dan Radcliffe in How to Succeed!). It was really fun and I wish they hadn't had to leave so soon! They left early this morning, so today it was back to the usual camp routine: sitting around, reading, helping around the cottage and camp grounds, and sitting around some more. I have some friends at camp, but they're not here yet and I'm not sure when they're arriving, so it's a waiting game at the moment. My friend introduced me to an ipod/iphone game called Fruit Ninja, so that occupied quite a bit of my time today (more than I'd like to admit). Currently, I'm trying out Words With Friends, which is fun so far though I'm on the "not so good" side of the ability spectrum at the moment. Ah well, better read some more to learn some new words!

That's really what I've been up to lately, sorry to not have anything more exciting to report! I do really enjoy camp despite the seeming boringness. It's nice to just relax and get a break from technology as well. If I hadn't had to write this blog I wouldn't have even turned on my laptop today, and I generally leave my cellphone in the cottage when I'm out around the grounds. It may drive people trying to call me nuts, but it's nice to not be tethered to it for at least one week.

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