Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday is all KINDS of different. But also the same.

Christina: It’s always interesting to see what we forget!

Cassie: I love Mulan. It was a go-to-everyone-likes-it movie when I was a kid.

Who was I a year ago?

A year ago, I wrote to you about my “flagrant lack of romantic experience.” I had had my first kiss “six-odd short months ago,” and had just ended a very short fling with a fellow that I now laugh about occasionally with my incredible girlfriend of almost nine months.

I still get worked up about inequality and suicide, probably now even more than before, now that I’m almost halfway done with a counseling program. I see inequality and its effects on people in all sorts of situations in my current line of work, and I’m working to (among other things) help prevent suicide on the front lines, helping people directly when they are in need.

I wrote in my first post about my best friend. She was very good for me for a while, but we are no longer friends. The timing of this break coincided with her moving out of our apartment and the approximate time of my relationship starting with That Wonderful Hardward Store Employee—the latter event being, according to Ashley, the reason for our friendship ending, though this is incorrect.

I still have a lot of friends, more now even than before. I have had the pleasure of maintaining, and even cultivating, many friendships from my undergrad town, and I have made oodles of friends here in my new home at grad school.

I now have five tattoos, this year’s addition being a small asterisk on the inside of my right pinky. I’m also planning a few more.

I closed down my jewelry company. I still make things from time to time, but I was really sick of dealing with IRS paperwork and taxes when I never sold anything anyway. So that’s over.

In my third-ever post, I wrote about the uncertainty that I was comfortable with in life. I no longer have quite that uncertainty! I have a career path. I have a life path. I have someone to spend all that wonderful time with.

Finally, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I have not consumed a single but of Nerdfighter media in the entire year we’ve been at this. This surprises me, as I have enjoyed it very much in the past.

This has been a fun ride, everyone. I haven’t always wanted to blog on Wednesdays, but I’m proud to say that, while I’ve been late a couple times, I have never missed a week, and I’m going to miss it.

See you again next week!

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