Monday, February 6, 2012

A late Friday...

I'm sorry for not posting in Friday! I was in Amsterdam Friday-Sunday with my friend Beth and I completely forgot to post before I left. I remembered in the hotel room, but it was too late at that point... sigh. I live about four and a half hours away from Amsterdam by train and Beth was in Amsterdam for a business trip. She was able to stay the weekend after her business was done and we got to have a mini vacation! Neither of us ever thought we'd end up in Amsterdam together and it was a lot of fun. We also happened to end up in Amsterdam on what could end up being the one weekend out of the year when they got lots and lots of snow. Well, lots of snow for Amsterdam- about 5 inches or so. The trains and public transport were just a complete mess, so I think we got a unique Amsterdam experience!

Okay, well stress, let's see. At the beginning of the weekend my stress level was very low because I had a whole fun vacation weekend to look forward to and I was going to get to see one of my best friends! I also already had all my lessons ready for Monday, so I wouldn't have to worry about any work over the weekend. The train delays and weather added a little bit of stress, but I knew I'd get where I needed to go eventually so I wasn't too stressed out about it all. A bit of stress did get added of course when I realized I'd forgotten my blog post, but I tried to not stress about it too much because I knew there wasn't anything I could do about it at the time. My stress right now is a bit higher because I have another week of work ahead of me and I need to plan some lessons. I also need to start preparing for the GRE in a more serious mindset and do some more grad school research. My assistantship will also be ending in about two and a half months, so I really need to think of options for the year before grad school starts (assuming I get in)! So all those little things mean that my stress level is probably about a 4 out of 10. Not too high, but still detectable.

Overall I think I deal with stress pretty well. In college I was the traditional procrastinator, so I suppose you could say stress was necessary for my work. Occasionally it would overwhelm me, but for the most part it helped me get my papers and projects done. I try not to let stress get the better of me because that won't help anyone really, will it?

And wow, is it seriously our last JAB this week? I can't believe how fast this went by!

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