Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Monday

Hello, girls! It's Monday!

Carlyn - How have we never geeked out over Anne McCaffrey and Pern? Why is this not a thing that has happened? This must be rectified.

Christina - Thank you for your list! I love hearing new music, and sunny day songs are helpful right now.

So, this week's topic was actually a meme than went around on YouTube a couple years ago that I tried to bring to Facebook but wasn't terribly successful at. But that's not what prompted the topic this week. What prompted the topic was clearing out my desk and finding a letter that went the other way -- from my 11-year-old self to my 21-year-old self.

When I was in the sixth grade, my talented and gifted class did a project where we wrote letters to ourselves ten years into the future, put them in the care of our teacher, and ten years later (which was a year and a half ago), he mailed them to us. So because I've already done the ten points, I'd like to respond to that letter. Which means I'll have to type it out for you . . . you're welcome.

Feb 2, 2000
Dear Me,

In ten years, you will get this letter. This is your life now in 2000. I (you) am in 6th grade at Hillsdale Middle School. I am in Accent. My (your) best friend is your (mine) cousin, Heather. You are in the spelling bee. My favorite food is German Pancake. I play French Horn and piano. My favorite song is the Tarantella. I love acting. I am in 4 different plays right now. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. The fourth one is about to come out, My penpal is Kate Steen. My dream was to go to Bowling Green State University and get a PhD in drama like Dad. Mom's a minister. Matthew's 15 and Jeffrey's 8. They are annoying!! I am in soccer and softball. Also an acting class. I wonder, are Matthew and Jeffrey still very, very annoying or just a little annoying? Oh well. They're my brothers and I have to put up with them. Dang. have you met up with M.B. (I can't write his name out) yet? I hope it works out all right. I hope your life is good.

Signed Yourself,
Cassandra Marie Guion
aka Cassie

[and on the back, I drew a self-portrait, you know, in case I'd forgotten what I thought I looked like back then]

So now, I'd like to respond to that letter.

Feb 20, 2012
Dear (11-year-old) Me,

Twelve years ago, you wrote me a letter. A year and a half ago, I received it. and I just want you to know, I forgive your fault tense agreement and questionable grammar at times because, hey, you were eleven. And that's not a courtesy I extend to a lot of people, but you know. We're the same person and all.

It is 2012, and I (you) am 23 years old. I have fond memories of Accent (although I still cringe every time I see a copy of Gathering of Days). I'm not in school at the moment. I graduated in December of 2010 with a BAC in Theatre from BGSU, just like Dad. And now I work for a youth theatre group here in Bowling Green as their Interim Managing Director. I've directed three shows for them, and taught lots of classes akin to Story Theatre and Hal McCuen, and it's really the best thing I could be spending my life doing. 23 and getting paid for doing what I love? That's the dream, girl. I'm looking at grad schools right now, Boston specifically, for a masters in Children's Literature, so that I can combine more of the things I love into my career.

I don't play the French Horn or the piano too much these days, but I do play in the handbell choir in church. I don't remember if you've started playing handbells yet, but it's lots of fun. I've also given up soccer and softball, but the acting thing is, obviously, still going on. Good on ya for the four shows at once. Keep it up. It'll be stressful, it'll be crazy, but it'll be worth it and your life will never be dull.

My best friend at the moment is Meghan Johannes. You'll meet her sophomore year of college when you pledge a fraternity (don't give me that look -- just trust me on this, okay? I'm older and wiser than you are. Things change. Also, theatre fraternity.), and she'll be the best friend you've always dreamed of having. You'll even write her into a novel. Oh, yeah. We've started writing. A lot. Five novels finished so far. Nothing published yet, but I'm working on it. We'll make it happen.

Harry Potter is still one of my all time favorite book series. The final book came out . . . God, five years ago. Man, I'm old. You'll love them. They'll change your life. Also, long about 2003, you're going to start writing fanfiction. That's good, it's really going to help you grow as an author, but might I make a suggestion? Don't post the first things you write online, okay? Just . . . save yourself the embarrassment.

Sorry to say I haven't had much contact with Katie Steen in the past 12 years. I think we fell out of penpalism shortly after your letter. In fact, there's not much contact left with the Illinois folk or the Chesterville folk or really the people you're going to graduate from high school with. On the one hand, that might be a little sad, and yeah, I get nostalgic sometimes, but the friends you're going to make in college? Those are going to go the distance. And they're going to have miles more in common with you. Keep Kevin around though. Right. You don't like Kevin right now. You hate his guts at the moment. That'll change. Again, don't give me that look. I'm serious. Kevin Obrecht is the only person from your class you keep in regular contact with. Life goes down crazy paths. Just let it.

About Matthew and Jeffrey . . . how do I say this? They are neither very, very annoying or just a little annoying. They're actually two of your best friends. It takes awhile, but I promise you they end up being worthwhile people.

And about MB. Oh, sweet little 11-year-old me, you make me smile in a sad sort of way. I'm just going to put this out there straight for you and not sugarcoat it, okay? You'll never talk to Michael again, not really. A passing message exchanged on MySpace early in college, but other than that, no. And you know what? It's time to let him go, kid. It's been two years, and that's life. He was your best friend, but your path lies a different way. Let me assure you on this. And I'll let you in on a secret:

In December of 2009, you're going to start to get to know a guy. His name is Chase. In early 2010, he's going to ask you out. You'll be hesitant to say yes because it's not the crazy romantic sweep you off your feet love story you've always dreamed of, but go for it. Because in fifteen days, Chase and I are going to celebrate our two year anniversary, and I couldn't be happier. So I can say with confidence that it's going to happen to you someday.

Keep your chin up, girl. Life isn't always going to be an easy road for you, but you'll come out on top. Oh! And when you have the opportunity to start a collab blog with these four girls you'll meet on the internet, take it! Because it's been a year almost, and I've had a blast. Not to mention getting to know these people better.

Signed Yourself,
Cassandra Marie Guion

Girls, I'll see you later.

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