Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday has been singing Mulan all day . . .

"When will my reflection show . . ." Yeah. Been stuck in my head All Day Long. Also, almost didn't write this tonight. It's been an exhausting day and I almost forgot it was Monday. Thanks to the boy for the reminder -- I haven't missed a single week, and I'd hate to lose that streak on the second to last week.

It's strange for me to think that after next week, I won't be writing a post each Monday.

Carlyn - I had a Xanga. I think we all did at some point.

Christina - I did a double take when you talked about being a freshman in high school nine years ago. "There's no way that's right," I told myself. Then I did the math. Now I feel old.

So, 50 weeks ago, I wrote a lengthy post about being a storyteller. I also failed at counting, as I said this project would end on the 16th of March, which is just wrong, Cassie from 50 weeks ago. Come on, girl. Look at a calendar.

I'll let you in on a secret now -- I'd been composing that particular introductory blog post for about two weeks prior to actually writing it. I worked for a really long time on it because I wanted to get it just right and make myself as interesting to you all as possible because I wanted to make a good impression. And I think, somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I'd be putting that much time, energy, and effort into every blog post. Insert hysterical laughter here.

A year ago, where was I? Two months graduated, planning on moving to DC because my grad school plan had fallen through, and terrified of the future because I didn't know what it held. Now? Fourteen months graduated, planning on moving to Boston for grad school plan number 2, and still utterly terrified of the future because I don't know what it holds.

A year ago, I introduced myself as a storyteller, and I'd hold that that's still true. I've written 50,000 words of a new novel in the past year. I've revised a hell of a lot of stuff. I've written *mumblemumbledeliberatelyvague* pieces of fanfiction and one original short story. I've started working at a library (which, while I love it and I'm thrilled I'm getting the experience, isn't what I imagined). And then, of course, there's the fact that I've written consistently about myself once a week for the past year. That's a pretty big storytelling accomplishment in my book.

This project was my baby, and I'm proud to say I saw it through to the end. I'm proud to say that I got to know a group of really great people over the course of the past year, and I think I got to know myself a little bit better, too. Did the project work out the way I thought it would? Not entirely, no. We've lost a couple of our number along the way, and I regret that, though I know and understand that life can attack when we least expect it. But I think I'm better than I was a year ago because I've worked on this project. We didn't become the next Internet sensation or gain fame and notoriety, but I've enjoyed getting to know the four of you (even the two of you who have disappeared), and if you're ever in Bowling Green, Ohio, you should feel free to look me up.

So who am I? A lot of things, really. Daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin. College graduate, preacher’s kid, Harry Potter fan, Nerdfighter. Writer, actor, director, teacher. Part-time librarian. Bookworm. Storyteller. Blogger.

For the second to last time, this is Miss Monday, signing off.

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